Watershed Restoration Plan for Lake Waukewan and Lake Winona, September 2016

The Watershed Restoration Plan for Lake Waukewan and Lake Winona is provided in pdf format for those individuals who would like to print a hard copy of the plan that is found on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website.  To assist users, the plan is available to download in full or by sections.

Waukewan Winona Watershed Restoration Plan

Cover and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section 1.  Introduction
Section 2.  Lake Health and Water Quality
Section 3.  Watershed Assessment
Section 4.  Lake Sustainability
Section 5.  Identification of Pollution Sources in the Watershed
Section 6.  Management Strategies
Section 7.  Plan Implementation

Additional Resources and References

Appendix A.  Site Specific Project Plan
Appendix B.  GIS Thematic Maps
Appendix C.  Stream Surveys in the Waukewan Watershed (NH Fish & Game)
Appendix D.  Lake Waukewan Notice of Decision – Final Operating Level
Appendix E.  Map of BMP Sites in the Waukewan Watershed

E1.  Lake Waukewan Prioritized BMP Sites
E2.  Lake Winona Prioritized BMP Sites
E3.  Top 20 BMP Sites for Lake Waukewan Watershed
E4.  Top 15 BMP Sites for the Lake Winona Watershed

Waukewan Watershed Survey BMP sites  (Site Record Information)

Appendix F.  BMP Conceptual Designs
Appendix G.  BMP Final Designs