Moultonborough Bay and Winter Harbor WMP Executive Summary


Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution carries pollutants into Moultonborough Bay & Winter Harbor, greatly damaging the water quality of a highly-desired destination of the Lakes Region. Therefore, it is imperative to properly manage and eradicate NPS pollution in the MBWH watershed to preserve ecosystem health for future generations to enjoy the recreation and beauty of the area.

The Moultonborough Bay & Winter Harbor Watershed Management Plan provides a roadmap for improving the water quality of surface waters within the Moultonborough Bay and Winter Harbor subwatersheds and can be used as a mechanism for for procuring funding (e.g., Section 319 grants) to secure actions needed to achieve the water quality goal. To be eligible for watershed assistance implementation grants, the USEPA requires that a nine-element watershed plan be created.

Download the Executive Summary.